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Often misunderstood, introspective, intellectual, emotional, dramatic and impatient, but I think Jay-Z said it best "pretty, witty, girly, whirly, one who likes to party,but come home early, light, kinda dark, short, sorta tall, slim, kinda thick...
Back in the day…“Back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid…View Post

Back in the day…

“Back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid…

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Poolside CollectionSummertime and Poolside…as the summer winds down who doesn’t want to enjoy the last few days at the…View Post

Poolside Collection

Summertime and Poolside…as the summer winds down who doesn’t want to enjoy the last few days at the…

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Top 5 in July

With July quickly coming to close, every teachers nightmare, I began thinking of the top 5 songs in July according to B.O.B. of course…and no your opinion doesn’t count, unless you agree with me. I base my decisions on my own personal taste, iTunes play counts, and radio play. So here goes….

5) Dope B*tch -The Dream-King of the infectious hook, The Dream does it again. What can we say he’s got a dope b*tch. Check out Fab’s remix for one liners.

4) National Anthem (Remix)-Das Racist x Lana Del Rey- Das Racist remixes err really remakes National Anthem complete with witty word play and quotables.

3) 3 Kings-Dr.Dre, Rick Ross, Jay-Z- Released just about a week ago had the internet going crazy. One of the many reasons Dre will never drop Detox, just guest appearances from here on out. Jake One’s production is far greater than the mediocre verses, but this song has to be better than one called Diced Pineapples.

2) Bye Baby-Nas- Nas’ open letter to Kelis. Raw and full of heart break/ache and the road back. Nas takes on a mature thug’s journey about loving and losing love. Next time he’ll pick the truest type, aight.

1) Pyramids-Frank Ocean- I could have put the whole album on here, but since this the first single he leaked to us at the end of June I decided to go with it. A 10 minute song which could really be 3 songs in one, tells a story of Cleopatra prostituting her body and country all in the name of power and wealth.

Honorable Mentions
Amen- Meek Mill- Makes the list because of all the controversary started behind the song title and lyrics. It was considered to be sacreligious by a Philadelphia minister who banned the song. After a public apology by Mill the ban has been lifted although the radio here never stopped playing it.

Adorn-Miguel- Technically a June release Adorn has made its way into many a DJs mix because of its catchy melody. It’s smooth listening and let’s be honest what girl doesn’t want a man to adorn her with his love.

How can one mend a broken heart?

In my opinion, heart break is worse than any other physical ailment one can experience. It is exquisitely painful yet you can not find any physical injury on the body. Studies say that the brain actually triggers sensations that make you feel physical pain in addition to your emotional distress when you’re broken hearted. Now couple that with reminiscing about the one that got away. Sure we’ve all had break ups and let’s be honest they always suck, but knowing you might be the one that caused it can make you feel worse, almost debilitated.
With all that being said we can not languish in the situation, so in the immortal words of Al Green, how can one mend a broken heart? I think you must begin by taking ownership of the situation, especially if you’re the one who blew it. There is power in knowing YOU messed up which makes you never want to do
It again. I own my faults for this failed relationship. Secondly, feel the emotions. I allow myself to feel sad, neutral or relieved. I allow myself to cry…more than once. Emotions are feelings that don’t last forever, so whatever I feel at the time is o.k. I think depression sets in when we try to keep these emotions at bay. Next accept the rejection. Yes believe it or not someone told Brandi Barnett no?!? Preposterous indeed! In all seriousness, not many people told me no growing up, so rejection as adult is hard especially when it’s my heart. There is power in rejection too! Rejection builds character, I will be that much stronger when I come out on the other side of this. Lastly simple give it time. Doesn’t time heal all wounds? I do believe if you cared for someone truly that love never fades, but in due time the pain will fade.
The road to putting this ol heart of mine back together is a long one. Although I know I will get there. My most recent ex is one of the kindest, patience, men I know, with that being said how can I not wish him the best? As if I haven’t used enough cliches, I leave you with this, nothing is forever… except Wu Tang of course.

Top 5 Most Anticipated Albums according to B.O.B of course

Frank Ocean broke the Internet.  Twitter, Facebook and any other social media du jour were a buzz with his recent announcement of being bisexual.  Many believe this has little to do with his actual sexual preference and more to do with album sales, which got me to thinking…what albums am I most looking forward to this summer of 2012 and beyond? So I compiled a list of my top five anticipated releases…

5) Nas x Common-TBA

Little is known about this album besides the fact that there will eventually be an album.  This is great news for “old school” hip-hop heads.

4) Nas-Life is Good (7/17/2012)

Don’t call it a comeback…but really Nas is back. I’ve been excited about the possibility since I heard his verse on ‘Triple Beam Dreams’.

3) 2 Chainz-Based on a T.R.U. Story (8/14/2012) The Artist formerly known as Tity Boi has been featured on every club anthem for the past few months.  It is rumored that Ye bumped his mixtape while in Paris recording “Watch the Throne”.  He’s got some of the hottest lines of the summer, all I have is two words for you…2 Chainzzzzzzzzzzzz.

2) Frank Ocean-Channel Orange (7/17/2012)

 Both Frank and Nas slated to release albums on the same day?!? It’s like I hit the lotto twice.  Now that we all know Channel Orange could or could not be about a man, how will Frank’s Album sales do? I hope that we are all enlightened enough to listen to his music and imagine our own love and not to worry about Frank’s. 

1) G.O.O.D Music-TBA

The G.O.O.D Music family is cooking up a compilation for us and if Mercy and New God Flow are indicators of how hot this album will be just like the temperature outside we’re in for a burner!

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future." - Paul Boese

The road to forgiveness is a winding a road. You ever do something you regret? Something outside of yourself? Something you know better, but you do it any way? Well I believe if we live long enough we all will. A week ago I did just that, in act of desperation I walked away from myself just because someone was walking away from me. If I could tell that person how sorry I am, how I have deep remorse for violating his trust, I would. Unfortunately, that is not the case; sometimes people cut you out of their lives for the betterment of their own, and that is this case. I do not believe social networking is the place to air your dirty laundry; we all follow at least one or a dozen people on Twitter or have Facebook friends who leave the ambiguous tweet or status update that let’s us all know they are clearly unstable…let me be clear that is not this post. This post is about forgiveness of myself; we often forgive many things in others, but nothing in yourself.

People get divorced because of irreconcilable differences, meaning they end an union because there are certain circumstances that can’t be forgiven, but you can’t have irreconcilable differences within yourself and you can’t divorce yourself, that is one union that can not be dissolved. But why is it easier to forgive someone else rather than yourself? That’s because they don’t live in your head, reading you the same old riot act. Telling you what you could have or in my case should not have done. No one can beat you up better than oneself.

So, how does one forgive oneself? Well, it’s really quite simple, just do it. Forgiveness is not near as impossible sainthood. My first step is being specific about what I did that needs forgiving. I forgive myself for being human and making human mistakes. Let this not be confused with condoning my behavior, I take accountability for my actions. I cannot undo anything I’ve already done, but I will face up to it. I will tell the truth. I will seek forgiveness. And let God do the rest. All the world’s major religions preach the power of forgiveness. So on this first day of July 2012, I forgive myself.

"Let us live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry."~Mark Twain

Ten things I won’t do at 30+…
10) neglect my skin
9) spend money without discretion (money doesn’t spoil, it keeps)
8) confuse insecurity with intuition
7) have sleepless nights due to worrying
6) put energy into someone who doesn’t give the same energy back
5) say no to dessert
4) drive pass the gym (see # 9 about spending err wasting money)
3) worry about what others think of me
2) take myself too seriously
1) apologize for being me!
And an honorable mention…forget to pursue my passion.



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